Today we celebrate women – THE QUEENS!

In the past years we have witnessed women show great improvements all around the globe. Women are doing wonders in workplaces as well as at home, equally.

More than often we are asked to list a few role models and surprisingly most of us would go for the obvious OUR MOTHERS and FAMOUS people.

Don’t get me wrong, our mothers cannot be compared to anyone or anything PERIOD!!!!

Yes, we are not wrong for choosing our mothers because guess what they gave us life, fed and taught us everything and beyond. They have been with most of us through thick and thin, fire and water and always a step ahead of us because they are our mothers and wish nothing but the best of this world.

When you think of all the famous people that in our eyes have done tremendously well and stepped outside their comfort zones to do wonders, it is obvious that every time you are asked to list a role model we think of all the famous people and their impact in our lives. It is well.

I mean, we have see women lead well in countries such as New Zealand, Germany and Bangladesh and these countries have received global praise for their effective leadership especially during the pandemic. Look at Kamala Harris , the queen broke a glass ceiling and became the first black female, a South Asian American to be precise what a combo.


But have YOU ever sat down and looked at the least obvious group of people, those around us. Colleagues, relatives, friends that set examples everyday in our lives, in the office, at the market , our mothers and sisters at home that we look up to

Role models don’t have to be famous, they’re not to be put on a pedestal, and they’re certainly not perfect. The best role models are regular folk, being their authentic selves every day, and standing up for what they believe in.

Today, representing all women around me that in a way have shaped me into the bold I am today, I present to you Agnes and Christina.

I spend at least 10 hrs everyday with these two and everyday outshines the other with even greater challenges and they have been more than co-workers or ladies in the office.  We tackle every challenge as they come, we learn, unlearn and re-learn. We sing and cry but in the end we get things done.

We are sisters in hustle just as we are at heart.

I am blessed to have been surrounded by amazing women from all walks of life, all of whom have become role models to me in one way or another.

There are so many fantastic women around us with skills that are undervalued and go unrecognized.

Here is to the best and even stronger women.

May we see them, acknowledge them, raise them and most importantly BE THEM.

Dear Queens, this International Women’s Day, lets celebrate us and all our role models.

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DARE Beyond!!!!

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