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Let’s play house today.

I think when it comes to houses, each and everyone has that specific area in the house that they spend most of their time in. Be it in the kitchen, sitting room ,bedroom, closet or even bathroom.

What’s yours?

Decorations play a big part on most of our choices when it comes to preferences. Do you know why you love that specific area of your house?

When building or organizing your interior house space, inspiration is plentiful especially on the internet these days. One could spend way less money on designing  due to the information that is already available on the internet. However in order to truly find the best of what you’re looking for; you must have an idea of what you are looking for, why and where to look.

Today i feel inspired and i thought why not share. I have put together a few items that i feel most inspired by, so please grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee or even wine and enjoy. Let’s get inspired.

Entry Area

I have to start with entry area because there is no house without an entry area. That being said , an entry area to me speaks volume. It introduces you and also creates a certain perception to your visitors. Its only through the entry area your visitors will know how organised/dis-organised they should act around your house .Remember people will treat you based on how you treat yourself and other. A well organised and welcoming home brings respect.

 Why  keep trees and flowers around the house?

This speaks life, it creates a homely perception to anyone that enters the house.

Kitchen Area

I am not a chef but I know my way around the kitchen. However, the cleanness of the kitchen and organization play a big role in keeping my little butt in the kitchen.

I personally am inspired by a kitchen be it small or big that leaves a space to maneuver around. Sometimes even the brighter colors can make a room or area spacious even when the room is small. THIS I KNOW.


Bathroom Area 

Bathroom is a very kin and special area. It’s a place to think, rejuvenate, plan and basically just do all kinds of shenanigans;hence, must be kept organised and cleaned at all times. I also believe material and colors used in the bathroom play a part in improving the bathroom appearance.

Bedroom Area

Simplicity is key when it comes to bedrooms.

We all need a space to dream. If we can why not separate it from our closets? A bedroom is a place where we spend at least 6 hrs sleeping and in such situation fresh air is important considering its a time we are mostly unconscious or unaware of what could happen.

Lets end here today.

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