Helloooooow! beautiful people, guess who is back?

This is post will not touch on anything other than the fact that I went MIA and I am ashamed.

First and foremost allow me to start with an apology. I know it’s been a while since I last posted and I do apologize for such a poor inconsistency to every bestie of

As for bloggers, as much inconsistency leads to poor performance of your blog and might even go deeper than that resulting to one missing out on very peculiar and trendy issues; I still believe and encourage you to take a break and re-evaluate yourself, your writing and your focus,acknowledge your steady growth and jump right back. It helps to refuel your focus and end goal; but then again, I repeat that does not excuse me from apologizing to everyone that’s been writing to me asking, concerned  and wondering about my whereabouts, my next post etc….something that has also made me realize how many people actually enjoy these write ups and posts ….im shook I MUST SAY!!! that there are a whole lot of people ready to spare a few minutes of their time to actually visit and read . im grateful that i can share and touch a few lives .


I am chuffed and highly appreciative of each and everyone’s time, opinion and advice. YOU MATTER. THANK YOU.


That being said let me welcome you all back and if this is your first time here, hello there BOLD where have you beeeeeeen?


lets keep intouch ,send your suggestions , tips on how we can improve this page …anything and everything  to or simply just leave your comment.


Remember to always DARE BEYOND.






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